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Silver Lake copyright Silver Lake in Amador County.

Amador County is located to the southwest of Lake Tahoe, about 45 miles from both Stockton and Sacramento in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. It is a small and narrowly shaped County which has great charm. Some of the most famous mines in the California Mother Lode were located in Amador County, and a great deal of gold was mined there. The County seat is located in the city of Jackson.

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Amador City
Sutter Creek
Pine Grove
Bear River Reservoir-OwensCamp
Kit Carson - Silver Lake
Lake Tahoe (El Dorado Co.)
  Hwy 16
Hwy 26
Hwy 49
Hwy 88
Hwy 104
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Amador County Attractions

Kennedy Gold Mine, Jackson, CA copyright Kennedy Gold Mine near Jackson in Amador County, CA.

Amador County Fair - "old-time" County fair featuring a working sawmill,stamp mill, rodeo, livestock, destruction derby, music.
Amador County Museum - Jackson. Includes working replica of the Kennedy MIne mill and tailing wheel.
Amador County Landmarks - site covers some of the landmarks in the County.
Amador Vintners - Amador wineries and grape growers. Taste your way through Amador vintages.
Black Chasm Cavern - Near Volcano. National Natural Landmark, rare helictite crystals, large cave system.
Indian Grinding Rocks State Park - Near Pine Grove. Chaw'se is one of the largest sites ever discovered. Museum. Round house.
Jackson Rancheria Casino & Hotel - near Jackson. Indian gaming, restaurants, hotel, shows. 24 hours.
Kennedy Gold Mine - Hwy88/49. Jackson/Martell. When it closed during WWII, it was the deepest gold mine in America.
Masonic Caves - Volcano - In 1853, the first meetings of the Volcano Masonic Lodge were held here.
Preston Castle - near Ione. A famous landmark, now being restored.

Amador County Recreation

El Dorado Natl. Forest - Bear River Lake copyright El Dorado Forest - Bear River Reservoir in Amador County.

Bear River Reservoir copyright Bear River Reservoir in Amador County.

Pristine lakes stocked with trout, bass, bluegill, and crystal clear trout streams beckon. Miles of great views and vistas in all four seasons. Great hiking trails, wilderness areas, wildlife of all kinds.  Starry, starry nights beckon for telescopes. Lakes for boating and water skiing. Kayaking, snow boarding, skiing, golf, horse back riding, hunting. Goldrush towns, concerts, special events. Don't forget your camera, Amador has it all.

Bear River Reservoir - Bear River Lake Resort - Hwy88. Fishing, boating, hiking, restaurant & bar. Trout.
Bear River Reservoir - Hwy 88, follow signs. Fishing, boating, hiking.
Bear River Reservoir - Camp Winton - Hwy 88. Boy Scout camp on lake.
Castle Oaks Golf Course - In Ione
Consumnes River, South Fork - Hwy 49. Fishing.
El Dorado National Forest - Hwy 88
Kirkwood Ski Resort - Hwy 88 between Silver Lake and Caples Lake. Ski and snowboard in winter, Bike and hike in Summer.
Lake Amador - Hwy 88. Ione. Fishing for trout, largemouth bass, catfish, bluegill, crappie, carp, boating
Lake Amador - Lake Amador Resort - Hwy 88. Ione. Fishing, boating, camping, cafe'.
Lake Comanche - Hwy 88. Jackson Valley. On Comanche Road. Fishing, boating, water skiing
Lake Pardee Recreation - Hwy 88. Fishing, boating, camping, hiking. Trout, kokanee salmon, bass, catfish, sunfish.
Mace Meadows Golf Course - Hwy 88. Near Buckhorn.
Mokelumne River North Fork - Hwy 26. Fishing, kayaking.
Mokelumne Wilderness Area - Hwy 88
Salt Springs Reservoir - Hwy 88, follow signs. Fishing, hiking.
Silver Lake - Hwy 88. Fishing, hiking, Campground, resorts. Great scenic views. Trout. Elev. 7200. El Dorado Natl. forest.
Silver Lake - Kay's Silver Lake Resort - Hwy88 at Silver Lake. Demolished. Now recreational parking. Fishing. Great scenic views.
Silver Lake - Kit Carson Lodge - Hwy 88 at Silver Lake. Fishing, boat rentals, swimming. Great scenic views. Trout.
Silver Lake - Plasse's Resort - Hwy 88. Silver Lake. Fishing, hiking, canoes, kayaks, restaurant, camping, weddings & other events. Great scenic views.

Amador County Information For Visitors

Wild Azaleas copyright Wild Azaleas at Regulator Lake on Tiger Creek in Amador County.

Amador Chamber of Commerce - Jackson
Amador County Map - printable simple map
Amador City - Hwy 49
Drytown - Hwy 49. CA Historic Landmark #31
Fiddletown - Fiddletown Rd. CA Historic Landmark #35, National Register of Historic Places.
Jackson - Hwy 88/49. CA Historic Landmark #118. County Seat.
Ione - Hwy 88 to SR104/124
Pine Grove - Hwy 88
Pioneer - Hwy 88
River Pines - Shenandoah Rd
Sutter Creek - Hwy 88
Amador Council of Tourism

Amador Organizations

Stars Milky Way copyright Stars: the Milky Way in Amador County.

Amador Astronomical Society
Amador County Historical Society - Jackson Museum
Amador Sawmill and Mining Association - Plymouth
Fiddletown Preservation Society - Fiddletown
Kennedy Mine Foundation Mining Archives - Hwy 88/49. Jackson/Martell at the Kennedy Gold Mine.

Amador County History

Mines of the Sierras
Wildcat Mines of the Mother Lode

Amador County Services

Amador County