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Web-centric currently supports a few selected non-profits in Amador County, and in Calaveras County, California, in Information Technologies. Sorry, we are no longer taking new clients at this time. For more about what Web-centric does, and a few highlights from the past, read on.  We will also feature a computer help page you may find useful "Computer Tips and How-To Sites" coming soon.

Cyber Security for Individuals and Small Businesses

Web-centric offers a FREE download on cyber security for individuals and small businesses with some good advice and tips on how to keep cyber criminals out of your system and out of your files called "The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace". This paper was from the President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board Draft Document created after the attack on New York on September 11, 2001. The adivice given is still appropriate today.

Past Review - a few Highlights

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Web-centric Computer Services specialized in Web design, Programming, Consulting, Networking, Computer setup and Repair. Web-centric also was and is active in the community, donating thousands of hours of time over the years. Here are a few highlights of some of the Community Service projects we participated in:

Web-centric built the first Amador County Library website in 1997-8, which featured valuable links for elementary school children learning about Gold Rush History, tips on using the Amador Library, and a Teen Page with links that aided with job hunting and homework. The site had a mascot "Willy the Bookworm" for the younger set, and offered book reviews by kids for kids. It was a great success, and still has users today, even though a newer Amador County Library website was built and is now hosted by the County.

The Amador Computer Users Group (ACUG) was formed in 1994, and was the first computer users group in either Amador or Calaveras County, eventually becoming a 501(c)3. The CEO of Web-centric was a member of the founding group, writing technical articles for the newsletter. ACUG's motto was: "Members helping each other and the community by building a better understanding of computers and software" and the group was so successful at it, that by 2014 they disbanded as their services were no longer needed! During their heyday, the group had major corporations like Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, and others giving live presentations and donating software. Microsoft representives commented that ACUG "was one of the best run groups in Northern California". Web-centric built the ACUG web site which served the group well for nearly 20 years, and over the years we also donated time to serve as President, Board member, Program Director, several Special Interest Group Leaderships, columnists, Editor for the Bytes and Bits Newsletter, program presentors, taking on community service projects, and serving in various other volunteer positions.

Web-centric has won awards from the Association of Personal Computer Users Groups for Best Computer User Group Web site given at the APCUG events held during Comdex in Reno, Nevada in the years 2002, 2005 and at their event held at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2007] and a third place award in the 2007 APCUG Newsletter Contest where Web-centric's CEO served as Editor and columnist. Web-centric also won several of the APCUG's prestigious "Jerry Awards" for community service projects including donating technical services to the Amador Hospice (refurbishing and networking), technical services to ARC (refurbishing and networking), web services to the Amador Library, and consulting services to the California State Library Project benefiting rural libraries.